This is a neckerchief slide I came across last week from a Otena 295 member, I have never seen this slide before in this lodge. Please send an email if you can tell me anything about this slide.



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Otena 295 and Kotso 330 are now Merged


As you should all know, Otena 295 and Kotso 330 have merged together to form a new Lodge, Penateka 561.  I will include a separate page for the collection of our new lodges patches.


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Please check out The Patch Book, this is my collection of patches from activities that Comanche Trail Council or Otena Lodge attended. If you can put it together with the Cover Page, To My Readers and Contents, it comes out real nice. The range is from Council Strips, Lodge Flaps, Scout-o-Ramas, Camporees, and even Conclaves Please feel free to view all the pages you like. Do not reproduce or print any items on otena.com with out contacting the owner first.




I have made some changes to the Patch Book


I re-keyed the Otena page trying to get in line with some of the other publications. I have added a S14d, because I found that the S14a is made by the Welch Co and has a White Plastic Backing, (it has a 7mm "2") and the S14 b, c & d Was made in Taiwan and has White, Blue and Black Plastic Backing (it has 8mm "2")





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If you collect Otena Lodge 295, this will be the best way to get your needs list out to the Lodge Members, Just send me a Lodge Flap and I will post your needs or trades on a custom web page just for you, on otena.com for 12 months. As a Member you will receive a otena.com e-mail address. Just e-mail your list to chris@otena.com or send to 2801 CR 180, Brownwood Texas 76801





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